WASTED SERGEJ Workshop 25/10 - Tickets

WASTED SERGEJ Workshop 25/10 - Tickets
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Workshop mit Wasted Sergej Teilnehmer*innenzahl limitiert auf 7 Personen! Kosten: 50 Euro pro... mehr
Kurzbeschreibung "WASTED SERGEJ Workshop 25/10 - Tickets"
Workshop mit Wasted Sergej
Teilnehmer*innenzahl limitiert auf 7 Personen!
Kosten: 50 Euro pro Person
Dauer: 1 Stunde
Auf Grund der unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Arbeitmittel und Arbeitsweisen bitten wird die Mittel selbst mitzunehmen.
"Allow me to take you on an experimental workshop, away from the conventional.
Let us unravel the subconscious and bring it to canvas.
The 60 min workshop will guide you through techniques which the Artist herself applied personally, to activate her inner creativity.
Willing to fill you in, Wasted Sergej will offer you her unique tips and tricks to find your own style as an artist." (Wasted Sergej)

About Wasted Sergej:
Throughout my life I have gone through many processes in search of growth and grounding. My art works as my vessel to touch subjects of my consciousness and my subconsciousness. I am wildly inspired by my surroundings. The more natural aspects, such as nature, seasons, wildlife.
Thrilling to me is the expansion of multiculturalism as it carries both history, life experiences and wisdom. My past, coming from a different county- Ukraine, bringing my values and my language to a new one made me humble and aware. In my art I deal with differences, with liberation and suppression. In my paintings I try to set misunderstood cultures and gender inequality free. Women’s sexuality as well as cross cultural acceptance. It is my method to speak without language barriers.
When taking my strength and inspiration from the world around me, I feel obligated and concerned about taking care instead of taking for granted. I work on recycled canvases which carry my expressionist work. My art pics up the colors of nature and reminds me to use its resources attentively.
We all have different faces for different places. In my art I give my divided personalities room and freedom for expression. Sergej, my alter ego comes to light when I paint. By naming him I accept and even cherish the existence of this part in me, the masculine raw side of my femininity.
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