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Limitierte Teilnehmer*nnenzahl: 7 Personen Dauer: 1 Stunde   Workshop: Menstruating... mehr
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Limitierte Teilnehmer*nnenzahl: 7 Personen
Dauer: 1 Stunde
Workshop: Menstruating Artist Body

This Movement Workshop is specially designed for Menstruating Artist Bodies. The participants will be provided with specific training methods and approaches. The menstruating body has special qualities, we will explore their strength and particularities.
This workshop will cover specific exercises for the menstruating body. There will be a part of theory, exploration, and confrontation. Participants will be introduced into training theory respecting their individual needs and menstrual cycle.  

What participants will learn:
- Training Theory and Practice                      
- Movement qualities
- Mobility & injury prevention




Amina is a circus artist, based in Vienna, with a background in Environmental Studies and Pastry Arts: She won awards in national Pastry Competitions, graduated from the Life Science University of Vienna and studied Circus Arts in London (UK) and Turin (Italy), where she specialized in aerial and fire arts.
In her projects she focuses on feminist questions and shows different perspectives through various methods and skills. She combines trans- and multi- disciplinary knowledge and explores materials, elements, movement and the relationships they have, unifying edible handcraft, performance art and scientific work.

She learned from Paul Evans, Roberto Magro, Fabio D´Andrea and Giulio Lanzafame and she performed at festivals, cabarets, solo and collective performances, including: VarietEKH (2023), Dinamico Festival (2022), Muja Buskers (2022), Brocante Festival (2022), Slip Up Arte Cabaret (2020, 2022), Buskers Festival Linz (2020), Lenzburger Gaukler- und Straßenkunst Festival (2019), Buskers Vienna (2018), Aerial Arts Austria Festival (2018) and more.

Currently she also teaches courses and workshops in Vienna and around Europe focussing on technique, creation, and menstruating bodies.

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