Vaginale Festival (English)

The "Vaginale Vienna International Feminist Art Festival" is an artistic framework of the artist and cultural scientist Mag. art. Branko Andric. This time based artistic framework emerged as as a theoretical and practical model since the beginning of the project in April 2018 as alternative to an institutionalisation.
This model inculdes what you know of a festival, but also gives space for an structural creativity beyond the framework
of the usual festivals, especially it gives space for artistic expression and a feminist way of organisation beyond instutional sturctures and organisations forms. It is a model that will last until a better will be found and will emerge.
The main topic of the Vaginale is the feminism in its artistic and art theoretical expression. The international project
invites artists and curators to take part, present their works and be in a dialog with others.

The scientific and artistic project with its displays, projects and exhibition addresses the public attention and want
to contribute to the feminist goals and agendas. With the growt of the international participants the Vaginale project
wants looks forward to become an internatinal archives for contemporary feminist art.

The Vaginale is a private art and cultural science project by Branko Andric who also has all rights on the intellectial property of the Vaginale Festival.

2. Vaginale 2019

The second Vaginale 2019 is the first festival, that invites artists and curators to participate.
There is no special conceptual frame of the Vaginale 2019. Its artists choise what they want to show, as well
as the curators choise what projects they want to apply with. It is assumed that all applications match to the
main topic of the Vaginale Festival.
3. Vaginale 2020 

Is representing itself with the Vaginale Cinema Special as the only real event due to the Corona Pandemic. The program was curated by Branko Andric.
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