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Militsa Kroshkina
I was born 13 november 1997 in the south part of Russia in small town Stavropol.In this town I spent my childhood and adolescence.My parents are conservative people with soviet mind. They are buzy people working hard for their own small business. So I didn't get much attention. But this is for the best - I was already independent child in my 7 when I went to school.Since my childhood my parents instilled me that naked body is a sin and something that should be ashamed of and of course any sexual life out of wedlock is a taboo and nonsense. more at
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Militsa Kroshkina - 300 € Militsa Kroshkina - 300 €
Technik: Tinte und Stift auf Papier.
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Technik: Tinte und Acryl auf Papier
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